International students valued in many ways

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has released a report estimating that in 2010 international students in Canada spent $8 billion on tuition, accommodation, and tourism. They also created more than 81,000 jobs and generated more than $445 million government in revenue.

In Alberta, the estimate is approximately $500 million spent and 4,700 jobs created.

Click HERE to read the report.

Obviously, the economic benefit of international students is large. The Alberta Chambers of Commerce hopes the Government of Canada not only sees the benefits of attracting students international students but also in allowing them to stay longer and seek permanent residency should they be interested in doing so. After all, the students are highly skilled and our provincial labour force needs buttressing in many areas.

A new policy adopted at our 2012 May AGM, Meeting Alberta’s Labour Needs by Attracting and Retaining International Students, offers up some common-sense means to removing barriers to international students staying in Canada.

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