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    June 19, 2019
    June 18, 2019
    Provincial and Territorial chamber leaders urge Prime Minister Trudeau to please stop and listen to First Ministers and Senators on Bills C-69 and C-48.
    Leaders from provincial and territorial chambers of commerce from coast-to-coast-to-coast have written a letter of support for First Ministers who asked the Prime Minister to respect their concerns with Bills C-69 and C-48 in a letter earlier this month. 
    Like the seven First Ministers representing 82 per cent of the population and 83 per cent of national GDP, we are asking the Prime Minister to support the full suite of amendments to Bill C-69 proposed by the Senate of Canada, and to accept the Senate Committee’s recommendation to pull back Bill C-48 because of the proposed legislation’s discriminatory nature against one industry and one region and many First Nations communities who would benefit from future projects.  
    We would also remind the Prime Minister that the chamber was advocating what the First Ministers are now asking for before five of the signatory Premiers were elected to office. Chambers of commerce are non-partisan organizations. Our mandate is to work with governments at all levels, formed by any party, in the economic interests of Canadians. 
    Smarter regulation of major projects and primary industries is the first pillar priority of the Canadian Chamber network’s Vote Prosperity campaign of business priorities for a stronger, more competitive and prosperous Canada.
    Our network is the largest in Canada by membership and represents job creators of all sizes from all sectors. Small business in local communities in every region throughout the nation make up the vast majority of our network’s membership. Like all diverse communities in Canada, our membership includes Canadians of all political stripes.
    What we advocate comes directly from these grassroots community builders who, collectively, represent the fabric of economic opportunity this nation provides its citizens. A commitment to shared prosperity in our nation, not politics, informs what we recommend to government.
    We are urging the Prime Minister to acknowledge that the requests made by First Ministers has been made before – by citizens with diverse political views – and to recognize that what's being asked for represents a majority view and a collective concern for our nation’s future. 
    There is still time for the Prime Minister and his government to listen to job creators, Senators, and elected representatives of the majority of Canadians, and to do the right thing for Canada.
    Ken Kobly, President and CEO of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce:
    “The ACC recently engaged The Strategic Counsel to conducted a survey on priorities for Alberta which garnered over 800 public and 700 business responses – and we would call on the Prime Minister to consider the results of our research:
    “The provincial economy and exporting Alberta’s oil were overwhelmingly identified as the top two priorities by respondents. At the same time, nearly 90% of all respondents indicated diversifying Alberta’s economy beyond the oil and gas industry was important.
    “In other words, this relevant sample of over 1500 citizens shows that Albertans recognize the critical relationship to shared prosperity that exists between our energy sector and long-term considerations for sustainable economic development. The federal government’s current approach on Bills C-69 and C-48 dismisses the collective intelligence of Canadians and their concerns with these pieces of legislation.
    “Our members would ask the Prime Minister and his colleagues to take a step back and to step up – listen to job creators and Senators and First Ministers and many First Nations – and lead with the smarts our nation is capable of achieving with responsible resource development.”
    Sheri Somerville, President and CEO of the Atlantic Chambers of Commerce:
    “It is disheartening for Canadians to sense their government ignore the advice provided through Senate committee consultations and input from provincial premiers. We are in full agreement with the February 27 letter from the Atlantic Premiers recommending precise definition of consultation limits and reasonable balance in assessment criteria.
    “When all four Atlantic Premiers voice concerns similar in nature to the private sector, it should be a signal that those recommendations warrant greater attention. The federal government does not appear to recognize the significant threat to Canadian resource sector jobs that Bill C-69 represents.” 
    Renée Comeau, Executive Director of the NWT Chamber of Commerce:
    “Regulation which discourages investment directly affects each resident of our region. Major projects and related economic development are critical to Northwest Territories’ economy and our local communities, just like they are in all regions across the nation.
    “That’s why we are standing up in support of job creators in the NWT and across Canada, and fully supporting our Premier’s request of the Prime Minister to step back on Bills C-69 and C-48.”
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