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    Let 50FreeCalls.com help with your online marketing and watch your customer base grow. We will work with you to understand your online marketing needs,
    then develop custom ads that run on a specific schedule to maximize the number of people who call you - and we are the nicest in the biz!

    Special pricing for Chamber Members
    Call today!
    50FREECALLS.COM 1-844-450-FREE (3733)

  • Chamber Group Insurance Plan

    Why Chambers Plan?
    Simple, Smart, Stable

    Employee benefits are an important tool used by employers to attract new employees and retain  experienced ones. The Chamber Group Insurance Plan is Canada's largest group benefit program  for small business, serving over 25,000 firms. If you are a Farm or Ranch we can build a plan for  you too!

    Contact your local Chamber or Visit www.chamberplan.ca for a free quote


  • The Online Safety Training Network

    Canada’s largest Online Safety and Soft Skill training provider.

    The Online Safety Training Network Inc. partnership will give chamber members a receive a 20% discount on 500+ online courses.

    -Learn about the rapid growth of online safety and soft skills training. 

    -Learn how your chamber membership can save your business money. 

                                                  Online Learning Saves Time and Money
                                                  esafetynet.ca/acc/ – 855 315 0555 – info@esafetynet.ca


  • Purolator Shipping Discounts

      The preferred shipping partner of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce
      As a member of your local chamber of commerce you can receive volume discounts up to 30%
      on Purolator Express® and Purolator Ground® services

      Use the Purolator Mobile App, E-Ship Services and Online Billing options.
      Visit www.Purolator.com/acc for more information or to register your business

  • ATB Merchant Solutions


      Payment Solutions you can rely on- Exclusive offer for Chambers of Commerce member         business preferred pricing

    • Merchant solutions rates starting at 1.47%
    • No setup fees for your merchant account
    • Unlimited Business Banking account for $30/month (regular price $60/month
    • No Annual fee on an ATB business MasterCard for one year

    For more information about this offer as well as our other business banking solutions

    email atbbusiness@atb.com or
    call us at 1-855-941-4912

  • Esso Business Card Program

    You can receive a 3.5¢/ litre discount off retail posted pump price for gas and diesel purchased in Canada at any of their 1800 Esso stations. The Esso Business/Fleet Card program is a convenient and secure way for business to control and manage fuel expenses.

    Visit: www.essofleetoffers.com/AB-CHAMBER/ to learn more or sign up today

    View the Brochure

                                                            Member Businesses and their employees can save even more with Esso! 


    Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Webinar Service

    Affinity Program for its valued members.

    • 3.5¢/min Audio Conferencing Rate for Chambers
    • 4.5¢/min Audio Conferencing Rate for Chamber Members
    • Electronic Invoicing, bilingual operator assistance, no contracts or activation fees

    To receive the ACC members’ discount, please identify your organization as an active and registered ACC member.

    For more information contact Peter Howser @ 1-855-253-4780 x 9771 or phowser@evolvecollaboration.ca 

  • First Data Preferred Merchant Processing Services

          A Leader in the electronic payment processing industry First Data can help you grow your                                business and save money. 

          Chamber merchants can enjoy discount rates of 1.49% on Mastercard and only $0.05 for Interact Debit. 

          Earn a $1000 Mastercard gift card if First Data cannot beat your current payment processing fees. 

          Visit www.chambermerchantservices.ca or email chambermember@firstdata.com

          call 1-888-265-4117


  • Foster Park Brokers Inc..


    Our specifically Tailored program offers preferred rates for your Chamber and your members insurance needs.
     Including coverage for:

    • Directors & Officers Liability
    • Special Events Coverage including Host Liquor Liability
    • Property & Crime and more

    Through their highly regarded and experienced team of professionals, Foster Park delivers exceptional standards of service, competence and a competitive pricing advantage. 

    To find out more about the Chamber Advantage with FPB
    Wanita Quaia, Account Executive
    Direct: 780-930-4399
    Fax: 780-486-0169
    Email: Wanita.quaia@fpb.ca

  • Matheson Insurance

    Welcome to your group advantage®

    Did you know that Matheson Insurance has partnered with Economical Select® to offer
    members of the Alberta Chamber of Commerce exclusive group rates on car and home insurance?
    That means you can enjoy:

    • A discount on car insurance

    • A discount on home insurance

    • Potential extra savings when claims-free, conviction-free, or bundling multiple policies

    Contact Geoff today to see how much you could save!

    Phone 780-417-2144
    Email geoff@mathesoninsurance.ca

  • Constant Contact Chamber Program

    Four Powerful tools for Small Business Success;

    E-Mail Marketing, Event Marketing, Social Campaigns and Online Surveys

                                                     Constant Contact helps small business and not for profits connect with their customers. As a                                                          leader in the industry they boast one of the highest e-mail delivery rates available. Get Stronger                                                    Promotional Power for your business from Constant Contact. Members Save up to 25% when                                                        you sign up through your local Chamber of Commerce.

                                                      CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER DETAILS

                                                      Visit www.ConstantContact.com/partners/chamber or call 1-800-221-2793 email to                                                                       chamberprogram@constantcontact.com

  • Petro-Canada Discount Program

    Realize significant savings, convenience, control and security 

    Discounts of $0.02/litre on all grades of gas and diesel, 20% discount on car washes and 3%
    discount on vehicle propane. Petro-Canada also introduces their pre-paid card, available in
    denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100.
    A minimum of 200 litres/month must be purchased to qualify for this discount. For more information click the logo.


  • Johnson Insurance


    Best Rate Home & Auto Insurance

    Johnson Inc. offers Chamber members discounted Home and Auto insurance. In addition to
    exceptional coverage and premiums. Johnson Inc. also offers 1 Air Mile for every $20 in premium.

    Quotes available by telephone 1.800.272.8848, or visit www.johnson.ca/acc to access rate information
  • Payworks

    Not just a service provider - your business partner

    Canadian-owned Payworks provides comprehensive, innovative, and integrated online Payroll,
                           HR, and Employee Time Management solutions to businesses across Canada.Our integrated                            online solutions increase payroll accuracy and reduce costly errors. They are easy to use, and                          like all Payworks solutions, they are backed by unparalleled client support.

                           Contact Devin Chatterjee @ 1-866-729-9679 or
                           Angela Peskett @ 1-877-499-8130

                                                      Devin.chatterjee@payworks.ca or algela.peskett@payworks.ca

  • recite

    Members have an Audio, Web and Video conference Affinity program

     A $0.05 Audio Conferencing Rate; that is 45% below the industry average for  rates!
    Contact Pamala Matthews @ 1-877-299-7070 ext. 4018 or                                                  Matthews@accutel.com

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