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  • Only 44% of Albertans express confidence in the long-term future of the province

    We want to change that with the 2021 municipal edition of Vote Prosperity, our chamber network's non-partisan and non-candidate specific platform of business priorities to support shared long-term prosperity in communities across the province.






    Pillar 1: Strengthening Business Competitiveness

    1. Decrease regulatory burdens on business using cost impact assessments
    2. Reduce zoning and bylaw complexity
    3. Accelerate and streamline permitting approval processes
    4. Tax ratepayers equitably based on property assessment values


  • Pillar 3: Building Healthy Communities

    1. Work with chambers to promote shopping local
    2. Work with chambers to attract, develop, and retain skilled workers
    3. Accommodate affordable housing in long-term planning
    4. Prioritize capital projects that are regional in scope

    Pillar 2: Growing Business Partnerships

    1. Engage with the business community on its priorities
    2. Establish joint task forces with chambers of commerce to improve services
    3. Provide reasonable time to consult on issues impacting business
    4. Pursue P3 models for capital projects, including affordable housing


  • Pillar 4: Improving Government Accountability

    1. Avoid discretionary decisions in project approval processes
    2. Provide transparent utility franchise fees and rate decisions
    3. Make available year-over-year comparisons for property assessments
    4. Publish annual benchmark reports on service improvements


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