We Advocate for You

The economic well-being of our province is directly related to the calibre of work that we do – this is why we have a major impact on Alberta’s business, income, and future growth. There are three primary ways we fulfill our mission:

  1. By lobbying the government (municipally, provincially, and federally) for changes that positively affect business. See our policies.
  2. By providing valuable member services and programs.
  3. By facilitating networking and collaboration throughout our local chambers and corporate partners.

We Represent Our Community

Our community is everything. A healthy community means healthy business conditions. Our role as representatives is to do everything we can to maintain an inclusive, thriving economy in Alberta.

Our goals

  1. To promote a better understanding of our private enterprise system.
  2. To coordinate the efforts of commerce, industry, and the professions in maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate in the surrounding area.
  3. To provide creative business leadership and effective coordination of all interested parties in solving community problems and initiating constructive community action.
  4. To create a broad understanding and appreciation of the great opportunities in the surrounding area and to promote the advantages and assets of the community.

Signature Events

  • The Alberta Business Awards of Distinction
  • Political Action Day and MLAs’ Dinner
  • Annual Conference and Policy Session
  • Fall Board Meeting and Deputy Ministers’ Dinner