ACC Media Release: 05/09/2023

ACC Media Release: 05/09/2023

Hiring candidates with the right people skills as much of a challenge as hiring those with the right technical skills – new ACC labour market research

Edmonton, AB — In a recent survey conducted by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) network, respondents identified hiring candidates with the right people skills (53%) is as equally as difficult to recruiting those with the right technical skills (47%).
The research was conducted through the Alberta Perspectives program with a focus on specific hiring challenges by occupations, in-demand skills and how employers are meeting skills shortages. Data was collected from 482 self-identified employers throughout Alberta, between March 21st to April 8th.
2023 ACC Skills Report Revised May 2 - FINAL_1
There is a good deal of agreement among the respondents about which skills are hardest to find. Problem solving (54%) and commitment to quality (42%) are the top people skills most often cited, while analytical thinking (49%) and industry-specific skills (46%) were most frequently cited among technical skills.  
“The value employers place on new hires having well-developed soft, or people, skills is not surprising,” says Shauna Feth, President and CEO of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce. “Developing technical skills are often the focus of formal education and training, and this data highlights the opportunity to focus on developing competencies that help people work productively in a team environment and independently.”
Alberta employers continue to view the long-term future of the province in highly positive terms. Those saying they are ‘very’ positive has increased by five per cent to eighteen per cent since November 2022, with sixty-nine per cent reporting a positive outlook – the highest since the ACC network began tracking this data in June of 2019.

“The increasingly positive outlook among Alberta employers is fantastic as our economy gains steam,” says Ms. Feth. “We also know through our ongoing research to collect better labour market intelligence, attracting and retaining talent is going to be critically important to maintain this momentum.”
“The ACC network is working closely with the Alberta Post-Secondary Network and other partners to ensure both job creators and job seekers can be successful – that Alberta is positioned to be a province of opportunity for investors and those looking to grow their careers.” Shauna Feth, President and CEO, Alberta Chambers of Commerce

May 09, 2023


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