Our Signature Events

Political Action Day and MLA Dinner

This annual event is an excellent opportunity to meet one-on-one with key government leaders. The full-day event consists of:

  • Educational sessions and training on key issues facing the province
  • A luncheon with the leader of the official opposition
  • An evening networking opportunity with members of the provincial government caucus during a cocktail reception and dinner

Learn more about Political Action Day and MLA Dinner.

Alberta Business Awards of Distinction

This annual gala recognizes excellence in Alberta’s business community. Approximately 300 business leaders attend the awards, making it one of the most influential business awards program presented in the province!

Learn more about the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction.

Provincial Conference and Policy Session

Historically 100-150 registrants representing 30-40 of Alberta’s chambers attend this 3-day conference. The conference includes education sessions, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce policy session, the annual general meeting, and the prestigious Chair’s Dinner!

Learn more about the Provincial Conference and Policy Session.

Fall Board Meeting and Deputy Ministers’ Dinner

This annual event provides educational sessions on current issues from knowledgeable and respected experts. The Deputy Ministers’ Dinner offers an opportunity to network and dine with the most influential provincial department officials other than the ministers themselves!


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