Through its forums, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce endeavors to create a collaborative environment where dynamic and forward-thinking discussions unfold, aimed at identifying important priorities and pushing for progress in areas like technology, sustainability, innovation, and workforce development across different industries.


To foster sustained economic prosperity, it is crucial to engage in action-focused discussions that build a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by these industries. The forums, informed by ACC’s ongoing market research and substantive roundtables held in 2020-21, provide a platform for open dialogue and exploration of cross-industry priorities, including the following areas of focus:

  • Talent: Developing, attracting, and retaining a skilled workforce
  • Supply chain: Strengthening local, regional, and North American networks
  • Digitization: Enhancing broadband infrastructure, harnessing data, and leveraging AI
  • Regulation: Improving, coordinating, and aligning regulatory frameworks
  • We can collectively pave the way for sustainable economic growth and resilience by addressing these critical topics.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Anticipated Outcomes

By pursuing the following outcomes, we can maximize our potential, drive innovation, and pave the way for sustained economic growth.

  • Identify collaborative opportunities and solutions for businesses and stakeholders
  • Develop recommendations within each industry for policymakers at all levels of government
  • Foster networking and connection opportunities among participants
  • Gather valuable feedback to shape future forums and collaborations
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, challenges, and successes
  • Identify regional issues and strengths
  • Encourage active participation in advocacy and promote achievements sharing
  • Cultivate an interest in the provincial body
  • Demonstrate the abundance of resources available to local Chambers.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of business community challenges across the province
  • Disseminate concise forum summaries to participants and non-participants