The Research


The research was conducted through the Alberta Perspectives program with a focus on gauging priorities for the provincial government via insights from business and the general public. Data was collected from 453 self-identified employers and 800 members of the public throughout Alberta, between May 5th to June 4th.

Purpose of the research

  • Broaden and deepen the evidence the ACC and local chambers can bring forward to articulate the perspectives of the province’s business community
  • Compare and contrast the viewpoints of the public and business communities 
  • Make the research available to individual chambers for their own use with local municipalities

Key Findings

  • There has been a shift from inflation to healthcare among business, with one-in-five (21%) citing health care with inflation declining to 11%.
  • When offered two positions on oil and gas extraction, by wide margins, there is continued support for extracting as much oil and gas as possible in order to realize the economic benefits, as opposed to reducing oil and gas extraction.
  • While few say ‘excellent’, those describing the province’s financial situation as at least ‘fair’ continues to trend upward, with 87% among businesses and 78% among the public reporting this.
  • When asked to select just one priority the two groups agree that diversifying the economy and reducing taxes are the most important.
  • While paying down the provincial debt remains an important priority, support continues to trend up for increased spending for health care, the public school system and, to a lesser extent, the post-secondary education system.
  • Both business and the public continue to report that inflation is having an impact on their business/household.
  • Overall, almost all businesses believe that it is important that the province pursue all options to increase market competition in the supply of electricity to reduce the cost to their organization.
  • While supply chain disruption appears to be lessening, 64% of businesses report that this issue is still greatly/somewhat impacting their business.

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