Health Canada has guidelines for domestic reclaimed water use in toilet and urinal flushing but Alberta does not follow these guidelines as our province does not use reclaimed (grey) water.


In May 2001, British Columbia published a code of practice for the use of reclaimed water (BCMELP, 2001)57, which serves as a key reference and guidance document for the use of reclaimed water in British Columbia and is designed to support the regulatory requirements prescribed in the municipal sewage regulation. In 2002, it was stated that roughly three per cent of wastewater in B.C. is reused (Maralek et al, 2002) and reuse is a key component in British Columbia’s water conservation strategy. Currently, these guidelines do not apply to Alberta as Alberta does not differentiate between black water and grey water. All sanitary effluent is considered black water only.

Our Recommendations

  1. Adopt guideline values as per Canadian Guidelines for Domestic Reclaimed Water for Use in Toilet and Urinal Flushing by Health Canada as a starting point with opportunity to move forward for additional recycle of water options in the future; and

  2. Allow the use of domestic reclaimed water and storm water in toilet flushing, irrigation and industry in Alberta.

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