The MicroSociety program is under-utilized despite being an incredibly effective learning tool that helps students develop invaluable skills, resulting in higher student engagement and grades.


MicroSociety creates learning environments in grades K-12 allowing students to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world setting.

The MicroSociety learning environment offers students authentic, hands-on learning through the creation and experience of dynamic miniature societies, reinforced by educators with classroom curricula.

Schools include government, entrepreneurial hub, non-profits, and marketplaces all created and managed by students and facilitated by teachers.

Our Recommendations

  1. Work with MicroSociety to develop and distribute a training model and toolkit for schools that want to have a MicroSociety.
  2. Encourage Alberta school boards to create a MicroSociety in K to 8 schools across the province with the goal of at least 1 per district by 2025.
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