The partnership between the Government of Alberta and The Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs) is aimed at achieving Provincial economic development priorities by leveraging local expertise, knowledge, and funding from municipalities, businesses, and the federal government. The Government of Alberta's role is to enable and support partnerships, set strategic direction, and collaborate on specific regional projects.

The aim is to empower rural regions to identify and pursue opportunities that align with Provincial goals. However, challenges arise when changes in leadership occur, occasionally considering budget cuts or even terminating the partnership. Effective communication of the partnership's outcomes and benefits becomes crucial in such instances to ensure the continued success of the collaboration.


The Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs), municipally owned non-profits have engaged in a partnership with the Government of Alberta since the early 2000s. These organizations were initiated by the Provincial Government with the objective of achieving economic development outcomes. The rationale behind this initiative was the recognition that partnering with groups of municipalities in economic regions of the province, due to their shared interest in advancing local opportunities, would be an effective approach. The Government of Alberta sought these partnerships to leverage local expertise, knowledge, and contributions from municipalities, businesses, and the federal government to achieve provincial outcomes. The collaboration has proven successful, with nine thriving REDAs producing notable outcomes for the province with minimal investment from the Provincial Government.


The Alberta Chambers of Commerce recommendations that the Government of Alberta:

1. Provide funding to REDA’s on a project by project basis;

2. Conduct a strategic assessment to enhance REDA potential, focusing on regional growth and identifying opportunities for improved outcomes; and,

3. Collaborative Tool Development: prioritize consultation with REDAs on tools needed for regional work, ensuring that investments align with actual needs and enhance existing capabilities.

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