Small Modular Reactors are an attractive nuclear energy solution that can be clean sources to power remote northern communities, reduce emissions in industry, and reduce Alberta’s energy grid dependence on fossil fuels.


As the second-largest producer and fourth-largest exporter, Canada made up 13% of global production of uranium in 2019, a key ingredient in producing nuclear energy. Nuclear energy in Canada dates back to 1942 and Canada has even developed a renowned nuclear reactor technology, CANDU, that is used on Canadian soil and internationally. In 2018, approximately 15% Canada's electricity grid was sourced by nuclear power. Nuclear is a clean energy supply that does not emit carbon and has great potential to be increased within in Canada’s energy mix to work towards our ambitious net-zero targets.


The Alberta Chambers of Commerce recommends that the Government of Alberta:

1. Work with the federal government to streamline and coordinate regulatory processes to ensure that its policies, such as environmental regulations and construction red tape, do not unintentionally interfere or create disincentives for SMR technology;

2. Create a partnership with all stakeholders to support capacity-building initiatives and new technologies. This would include engagement with the public, industry leaders, and Indigenous communities, to develop a robust knowledge base; and,

3. Develop and promote an education and awareness campaign to engage with the public on the safety and benefits of nuclear technology and SMRs specifically.

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