There is a need for integrated, effective, and efficient mental wellness support in the workplace for Alberta businesses. Mental health issues and concerns that were present previous to the COVID-19 and were costing businesses in both financial and human terms, have now been further exposed and accelerated.


Individuals who are experiencing mental health issues are employees, employers and business owners. When individuals are dealing with personal stress, trauma or loss, they are also trying to contribute and participate in the workplace.

Our Recommendations

  1. Implement an Alberta Workplace Wellness Grant to provide at least two-thirds of funding for mental health and wellness services for employees, employers, owners and those who are self- employed.

  2. Explore the possibility of including mental health and wellness services within the Alberta Health Care system model.

  3. Support a community-led, collaborative, and entrepreneurial approach for service delivery early detection, prevention and treatment to avoid duplication and reduce service delivery costs.

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