Hydrogen is a gas that is recognized as a solution for the world's low carbon heat, transportation, and industrial needs. Alberta has an excellent opportunity to produce inexpensive, clean hydrogen. While there are various production technologies to consider, the bottom line is that all forms of clean, low carbon intensity hydrogen should be considered as part of Alberta’s future hydrogen plan as we continue in our role as a global energy leader. 


Hydrogen is a burgeoning clean fuel that governments around the world have been rallying around that has no carbon release into the atmosphere when utilized as an energy source. While there are several methods of hydrogen production, each one may be advantageous in specific geographical locations as we move to a low-carbon future. The hydrogen technologies that are currently available, plus those that are being developed, must consider total carbon intensity from the production method to the form of transportation utilized to the end user. 

Our Recommendations

  1. To support colour agnostic research and development of all forms of clean hydrogen that are low carbon intensity measured from “start to finish;” 
  2. To determine demand markets, and to ensure that Canada can meet domestic and international supply needs through low-carbon hydrogen production; 
  3. To ensure that infrastructure to transport hydrogen domestically is in place to meet demand now and into the future; 
  4. To recognize that government’s immediate support is of the essence to compete as other jurisdictions are moving quickly with both financial and policy support; 
  5. To effectively communicate with the public about the importance and safety of hydrogen as an energy source and to promote the importance of producing low-carbon intensity hydrogen rather than specific colours. 
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