The Government of Alberta regulates the Alberta Registry Agents’ (ARAs) Regulation by capping the fee amounts for most of the services they provide. In addition, Registry Agents are eager to develop a modernization plan to enhance services, including online registry services to Albertans in conjunction with Service Alberta and other stakeholders. The Government of Alberta should support these modernization efforts and review regulations to ensure Alberta Registry Agents can continue their vital work effectively. 


Alberta’s Authorized Registry Agents form a network that collectively employs over 1,500 Albertans. There are 217 Agents located in 150 Alberta communities (58 or 27% are in Calgary and Edmonton, 48 or 22% are in small municipalities, and 111 or 51% are in rural municipalities). Registries are a vital part of Albertan communities in providing economic growth, stable jobs, important community links, and essential services. 

Albertans value registry services and continue to take advantage of the ease of access offered by local registry agents. In survey findings, 74% of respondents have visited a registry agent in the last year. Furthermore, over 90% of respondents expressed the importance of having access to registry services located in their communities and felt that it would have a negative impact on their communities if their local Registry Agent were to close.

Our Recommendations

  1. Support further modernization of the Registry Agent Industry and red tape reduction. 
  2. Continue to partner with Registry Agents to provide online services and allow registry services to expand online offering; and 
  3. Ensure the long-term sustainability of Registry Agents, including those serving rural communities, with a fair and equitable service charge model. 
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