Amending Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act to allow the use of better illumination signals and consistent protections for all roadside workers would reduce risk of injury and harm to Albertans and motorists.


Roads are crucial to Alberta’s economic growth and development. Our road network benefits citizens, providing access to employment, social, health, and education services. The provincial government has voiced its commitment to ensuring the safety of Alberta’s workforce, including those who maintain our roadways.

Our Recommendation

  1. Amends the Vehicle Equipment Regulation under Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act to allow tow trucks as well as vehicles/equipment used for very short-duration highway projects to be equipped with another colour of warning light in combination with amber.

  2. Amends Section 115 of Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act to:

    1. Provide stationery very short-duration workers conducting roadside work have the sameprotection as other highway workers already included under the Act.

    2. Require vehicles in all traffic lanes in the same direction of travel slow down and move over, with consideration given to include opposite direction traffic on two-lane, undivided highways.

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