Biodegradable plastic beverage containers present an opportunity within the existing recycling infrastructure to enhance sustainability and promote effective waste management.


Alberta has made significant strides in waste management and recycling initiatives, aiming to mitigate the environmental impacts of plastic waste including through circular economy initiatives. In February 2023, the Province announced investments of $58 million for circular economy projects through Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) to projects across Alberta that are worth a total combined investment value of $528 million.

Single use plastic beverage containers remain a challenge due to their slow decomposition rates and adverse effects on ecosystems. Biodegradable plastic offers a promising alternative by decomposing under the right conditions.


The Alberta Chambers of Commerce recommends that the Government of Alberta work with relevant stakeholders and industry including the Beverage Container Management Board and the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation to:

1. Jointly develop strategies for identification, collection, transportation, and processing of biodegradable plastic beverage containers to ensure a seamless integration within the recycling system.

2. Launch public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the benefits of using biodegradable plastic beverage containers and how to properly dispose of them within the existing recycling system.

3. Consider the use of biodegradable plastic alternatives for single use items.

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