Global energy demand is increasing, thereby creating a need to develop energy in all forms. Canada has the opportunity to become one of the world’s preferred energy suppliers, generating economic benefits across the Nation and reducing environmental impacts domestically as well as internationally.


Canada is the sixth-largest global producer of natural gas and the fourth-largest global producer of oil. With our vast resource base, world leading environmental standards, and all – encompassing regulatory regime, Canada should be a global supplier of choice. Unfortunately, a number of market dynamics have resulted in reduced investor confidence over the past several years, leading to a shift in Canada’s competitiveness in the global market.

Our Recommendations

  1. Works with Municipal Governments, the Federal Government, and Industry to create guiding principles that reduce regulatory burdens which creates an environment where Alberta Industry is globally competitive in project timelines and economic competitiveness;

  2. Establish policies that are clear, transparent, and provide long-term certainty to investors;

  3. Provide a clear and concise policy on stakeholder engagement and consultations, including with Indigenous partners, that is consistent between all projects; and

  4. Continue to support and promote the important work being done in Alberta to produce decarbonized energy for Canada and the world; for example, work around Hydrogen, Carbon
    Capture Utilization and Storage, and the Circular Economy.

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