Work Integrated Learning

This program supports students in accessing quality work integrated learning opportunities while assisting businesses with recruitment and accessing student wage subsidies.

There are various funding supports available and we work with students and employers to help alleviate any financial barriers in engaging in this program.

Our Vision

To cultivate in-demand skills and develop leaders by connecting the best and brightest post-secondary students to the business community across the Chamber network.

There are currently 187 work integrated learning opportunities supported by this program!

What to Expect

Students’ business apprenticeships may take shape in a variety of forms including:

  1. Four month classes
  2. Eight month capstone projects
  3. Summer internships
  4. One-year internships

Outcomes of the Business Apprenticeship Program

For Businesses

  • A consistent approach with clear expectations for engaging with students in and out of the classrooms, improving skills and recruitment opportunities.
  • Helps solve business problems by providing a temporary workforce boost, and a way to find quality students for internships.
  • Attract and retain top talent

For Students

  • Builds work-related skills and experience in post-secondary graduates, making their skill-sets more attractive to business.
  • Improves students’ hire-ability with employers and recruiters when looking for internships and work after graduation.

For Institutions

  • Improves learning opportunities for Universities and Colleges. Skilled graduates attract student applicants.
  • Strengthens quality and relevance of business education.
  • Promotes entrepreneurialism

Get Started

Students and employers can create an account on the Business Apprenticeship Portal – this portal connects employers with talent, making recruitment efforts easy and efficient!

  • Nationwide student recruitment across 85+ post secondary institutions with one click
  • Intelligent job matching based on skills, experience, education, and industry-specific certifications

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the Business Apprenticeship Program, please contact us.