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Our innovative hybrid model combines traditional job fair elements with modern technology to revolutionize hiring. We’re committed to inclusivity, with tailored promotion strategies and partnerships with diverse communities. Through strategic partnerships and data-driven insights, we’re shaping a sustainable future for employment in Alberta.

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June Job Fairs & Hiring Events

Date Location Contact for more information
June 19, 2024 Cold Lake executivedirector@coldlakechamber.ca
June 20, 2024 Bonnyville info@bonnyvillechamber.com

September Job Fairs & Hiring Events

Date Location Contact for more information
September 7, 2024 Wetaskiwin jgarries@yourchamber.ca
September 11, 2024 Ponoka jgarries@yourchamber.ca
September 12, 2024 Stettler bgeddes@stettlerboardoftrade.com
September 18, 2024 Fort McMurray accounting@fortmcmurraychamber.ca

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