Signature Events

Political Action Day and MLA Dinner

This annual March event provides a valuable opportunity to engage directly with influential government leaders. The full-day program includes educational sessions, training on critical provincial issues, a luncheon with the official opposition leader, and an evening networking opportunity with members of the provincial government caucus during a cocktail reception and dinner. The Government MLA Q & A session following dinner encourages direct interaction, allowing attendees to engage senior officials on topical priorities.

Check out our recent Political Action Day and MLA Dinner.

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Provincial Conference and Policy Session

Historically drawing over 135 registrants, representing 35 Chambers from regions across Alberta, this May conference features education sessions, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce policy plenary session, the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and the Gala Dinner. Join us and be part of this event. We’re here to make Alberta’s business world even better.

Check out our recent Provincial Conference and Policy Session.

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Alberta Business Awards of Distinction

In June, the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction celebrate businesses and organizations that demonstrate exceptional achievement and make significant contributions to their communities. These entities exemplify both strong business acumen and effective management practices, ensuring long-term sustainability. To date, over 365 organizations have received the prestigious Alberta Business Award of Distinction. There are currently 12 diverse award categories, along with the additional Alberta’s Best of Business Award.

Learn more about Alberta Business Awards of Distinction.

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Fall Board Meeting and Deputy Ministers Dinner

This annual event, held in November, provides a unique opportunity for engagement with influential government leaders and key decision-makers. The comprehensive full-day program includes educational sessions on current issues led by respected experts. The highlight of the event is the Deputy Ministers Dinner, offering sponsors and attendees an exclusive opportunity to network and dine with the most influential provincial department officials in an intimate setting. The Deputy Ministers Q & A session following dinner encourages direct interaction, allowing attendees to query officials on topical priorities. 

Check out our recent Fall Board Meeting and Deputy Ministers Dinner

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Year-Long Partnership

Elevate your brand’s visibility and recognition through a yearlong commitment to four signature ACC events. Enjoy extended media reach, streamlined budgeting, scheduled attendance, and valuable data insights to enhance decision-making and foster relationship building.

Other Events

Recognition of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Virtual Event

In honor of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, our annual event, occurring on the weekday before September 29th, fosters togetherness, acknowledging the importance of culture, history, and reconciliation. Beyond honoring the past, we collectively set the stage for a more harmonious and prosperous future. This is more than an event; it is a journey toward greater access, influence, stability, and success. Together, we make a difference.

Check out our recent Embracing Culture, Honoring Treaties & Building a Better Future Together

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