The increase in both urban and rural crime highlights the necessity for reallocation of resources, in addition to financial support for those organizations that provide policing and policing alternatives. 


Increased crime affects both businesses and residents across the province, in both urban and rural communities, with 61% of Albertans believing crime is increasing in the part of Alberta where they live. Individuals as well as organized criminal group activities exploit communities, putting those who live and work in those communities at higher risk, while decreasing the economic viability of the affected neighbourhoods.

Our Recommendations

  1. That the Minister of Justice support & encourage the RCMP to explore & establish community offices within their service areas to reduce response times and have more presence in rural communities

  2. That the Minister of Municipal Affairs support & encourage municipalities to support the RCMP in exploring & establishing community offices within their local RCMP service areas to reduce response times and have more presence in rural communities

  3. Provide additional funding to the RCMP to create & promote crime reduction awareness campaigns to help community residents and businesses help reduce crime. (E.g.: Rental space to host public engagement sessions on crime reduction, pamphlets, window decals, etc.)

  4. Provide easier access and consistent funding to registered Provincial or Federally registered organizations, that provide services and supports in urban and rural communities looking to reduce rural crime.
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