Provincial insurance premiums taxes are a growing barrier to business growth and put Alberta enterprises at a competitive disadvantage relative to other regions in Canada. 


Market research conducted by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) network indicates the provincial insurance premiums tax (IPT) is a major barrier to business growth and competitiveness. According to a recent survey from November 2022, 38 per cent of more than 540 respondents cited this tax as a barrier to business growth and competitiveness – more than any other provincial or municipal costs ACC surveyed. Only 3 per cent indicating this tax benefited their growth, signaling it provided the lowest value proposition as a cost for doing business in Alberta.

Our Recommendations

  1. Immediately remove the provincial insurance premiums tax on life, accident and sickness insurance; 
  2. Ensure that Alberta insurance premiums tax rates on property and casualty applicable to Canadian- controlled private corporations does not exceed the lowest tax rates in other Canadian provinces or territories; and 
  3. Index property and casualty insurance premium tax rates to the rate of premium increases so that increases in premiums do not inflate the burden of tax collected on those premiums. 
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