Prioritize the creation of transportation and utility corridor (TUC) allowing for an area where projects (such as pipelines, rail, powerlines, etc.) are “pre-approved” allowing project proponents to avoid the red-tape, cost, and time delay associated with permitting of major projects.


Lack of market access along with the time, cost, and difficulty required to take a project from the stage of inception to “shovels-in-ground” is resulting in Alberta and Canada being left behind.

In the mid 1970s, the Government of Alberta established Restricted Development Areas (RDAs) around the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. Designated uses include the ring roads, major power lines, pipelines, and linear municipal utilities. The foresight of the RDAs proved successful in its purpose of developing major linear projects such as Anthony Henday Drive and Stoney Trail.

Our Recommendations

  1. Work with other provinces, territories, affected Indigenous groups and First Nations, partners and key stakeholders to:
    1. Establish Transportation and Utility corridors throughout the country that are designated for the construction and expansion of major linear projects; and,
    2. Establish a North-South Transportation Utility corridor across the province be designated for the construction and/or expansion of major linear projects.

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