ACC Media Release: 3/07/2024

ACC Media Release: 3/07/2024

Labour shortage easing, but not for employers needing workers the most

Hiring Intentions Research

Edmonton, AB — In a recent survey conducted by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) network, employers indicated they are anticipating a more stable employment environment in 2024.

The research was conducted through the Alberta Perspectives program, garnering insights from business community members. Data was collected from 322 self-identified members of the business community throughout Alberta, between January 5th and February 9th, 2024.
  • Fewer employers expect the size of their workforce to increase in the next 6-12 months. Overall, there has been a 10-point decline over the past two years in expectations their workforce will increase in either the next 6 or 12 months.

  • There are also fewer employers experiencing shortages. While remaining an issue, there was a decline to just over half of employers reporting they are experiencing either a moderate or significant staff shortage. Employers have not reported levels of shortages this low since 2021.

  • Importantly, there has been a decrease in employers characterizing their shortage as ‘significant’, going from thirty one per cent in December 2022 to eighteen per cent in January 2024.

  • The easing of staff shortages may be a consequence of the almost four-in-ten employers that in the last year hired someone from outside the province - either from elsewhere in Canada or a recent immigrant.
  • Over half of Alberta organizations report that in the last year it is becoming harder to hire the workers they need. Employers who are facing a significant or moderate staffing shortage are easily the most likely to say it is becoming harder to hire workers. Among those saying they face significant shortages, over half say it is becoming ‘a lot’ harder.
  • Staff shortages are continuing to have an impact on business. Although staff shortages continue to have the biggest impact on profitability, there has been a substantial increase in the proportion reporting these shortages are impacting their ability to tap into promising markets.  


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March 07, 2024


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