ACC Media Release: 05/27/2023

ACC Media Release: 05/27/2023

ACC Executive Committee for 2023-2024

Alberta Chambers of Commerce Priorities Set for Next Provincial Government

Edmonton — Delegates from local chambers across Alberta adopted 36 policy resolutions to advocate with the provincial and federal governments during the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) annual general meeting in Fort McMurray on May 27, 2023.
Fort McMurray Board Chair, Kristi Hines, was pleased to host this years event, "We are honoured to host colleges, delegates and special guests in Fort McMurray. We brought Chambers from across Alberta to experience the real Fort McMurray, and showcased our incredible business community."
The annual Policy Plenary session is a highlight of the ACC AGM. Policy recommendations put forward address issues ranging from electricity regulation, to balancing our resource industries and the environment. ACC President and CEO Shauna Feth says working with the newly elected Alberta government to get policy recommendations implemented in a timely fashion is important to ensure businesses can continue growing the economy.
Aaron Fleming, Shauna Feth, Rosetta Taylor, Bruce Galts
"Optimism about the provincial economy from our business community reached the highest levels this spring since we began collecting insights from our network," says Feth," We are focused on engaging with government to ensure that Alberta remains the place to do business."
"Cost increases, whether due to electricity prices or supply chain issues, are still a challenge to our business community. Competitiveness, skills development, and fiscal sustainability are imperative to the shared prosperity of all Albertans. "
Feth noted that the high level of engagement of 30 local chambers in Fort McMurray signals a strong voice for business in the coming months and years.
Aaron Fleming, who will Chair ACC for 2023-2024, oversaw the policy process as Policy Committee Chair for the past year. "What we see with these approved policy recommendations is an agenda focused on making it easier to do business and a strong chamber network to carry those recommendations forward to government on behalf of Alberta's job creators."
"The chamber network has done significant work to position themselves as a powerful resource for the business community. I am honoured to take the role as Chair of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce for the next year, for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and look forward to advancing the needs of the Alberta business community."
ACC Executive Committee for 2023-2024

Robin Bobocel, Executive Director of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta, was welcomed to the ACC Executive Committee as Treasurer for 2023 - 2024. ACC Past President from Edmonton, Rosetta Taylor, stepped down and was thanked for her seven years serving on the ACC executive.
Chair, Aaron Fleming
Past Chair, Bruce Galts
Chair Elect, Jodie McFadzen
First Vice Chair, Kristi Hines
Second Vice Chair, Brett Powlesland
Treasurer, Robin Bobocel
Aaron Fleming biography, 2023-2024 Chair of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce.



November 22, 2023


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