Alberta has become a major player in film and television productions. While the communities that host these productions enjoy their presence and the novelty of being highlighted on screen, local business has a shared concern: not enough business coming their way from the workforce associated with the productions. 


When speaking to the local business community in areas such as High River (Heartland, The Last of Us, Joe Pickett, Wynonna Earp, etc.), Okotoks (The Last of Us), Edmonton (The Last of Us) and other recent film locations it was openly expressed that there is not enough business generated to the local business community (caterers, product supply, coffee runs, etc.) because most production companies bring in their own suppliers. 

Our Recommendations

  1. Explore ways to increase production companies’ use of local business services; 
  2. Work with local Chambers of Commerce, municipalities, business, and the film industry to improve communication before filming begins; and, 
  3. Develop and publish educational resources for businesses outlining opportunities and ways to maximize operations during a film production 
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