The agriculture industry significantly contributes to Alberta's economy and enhancing the strength of the sector is an important priority. It is particularly important for Alberta's agri-food industry to market their products in a way that reflects the link between 'Grown-in-Canada' product and a supply chain, environment, standard, and identity that is uniquely and 100% Canadian. 


Country of Origin (COO) labelling is regulated by the Government of Canada and labelling standards must comply with the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade Rules and Codex standards which serves to prevent protectionist agendas and technical barriers to trade. 

Our Recommendations

  1. Work with the Government of Canada to expand on "Canada Brand" to create a voluntary, "Grown-in-Canada" label that would identify with 100% Canadian-grown product that would include a single unified label, logo, image, and theme. 
  2. Work with the Government of Canada to develop a unified public education strategy showcasing the agri-food industry's practice of environmental stewardship resulting in reliable, sustainable and high-quality agri-food and value-added products. 
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