Timely and effective plans for roads, railways, utilities, and pipelines are essential to connect Albertans, and connect Alberta with North America and the rest of the world. Prioritizing the creation of Transportation and Utility Corridors (TUCs) allowing for “pre-approved” zones will reduce land-use conflicts, red-tape, costs, and delays, while supporting effective growth management of communities with the required infrastructure. 


By 2046, Alberta’s population is projected to swell to over 6.4 million strong. According to the Government of Alberta, “Alberta attracted the most net interprovincial migrants in the country by a wide margin.” While Alberta possesses excellent advantages with a growing population, a diversified economy, and low taxation, we face constraints in building the infrastructure to sufficiently serve the citizens and business. 

Transportation/Utility Corridors (TUCs) are vital for long-term planning between communities. These “pre-approved” land areas provide guaranteed corridors for roads, railways, utilities, pipelines, and more. The government of Alberta is already supportive of transportation/utility corridors using them to protect areas “from advancing urban development” and offering these corridors as “a long-term solution to many of the land use problems associated with developing major linear facilities in the urban context.”

Our Recommendations

  1. Establish “pre-approved” transportation/utility corridor rights of way throughout Alberta that are capable of connecting outside its borders; 
  2. Develop a province-wide transportation/utility corridor plan that will serve to integrate all regions to support people, jobs, and the economy in Alberta; 
  3. Progress nation-wide connection projects, for example, corridors throughout the country that are designated for the construction and expansion of major linear projects. 
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