World demand for oil is projected to rise over the next several decades. With governments simultaneously shifting to clean energy sources, governments will be looking for environmentally sustainable oil sources to meet that demand.


Alberta can meet increased demand as the world’s 3rd largest oil reserve while also offering the world’s cleanest and most ESG responsible barrel of oil. This is an unprecedented opportunity for Alberta to gain their market share and provide security of supply.

Our Recommendations

  1. Collaborate, support, and invest in the Oilsands Industry in their pathways to net zero by 2050;
  2. Continue to promote the Oilsands Industry as a leader in ESG performance and innovation;
  3. Reduce emission intensity per barrel by continuing support for carbon capture, utilization and storage programs;
  4. Support companies as they develop new technologies that drive our journey to net zero; and,
  5. Enable policies that promote industry competitiveness, regulatory efficiency and facilitate infrastructure investment.
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