The recent childcare funding agreement between the federal and provincial governments is expected to raise demand for childcare. The childcare industry has conversely experienced a decline in labour supply that will need to be addressed to meet the increased demand.


The Canada-Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Agreement is expected to increase the demand for childcare in Alberta. However, recent events have caused the ELC labour supply to shrink. In the first year of the pandemic, roughly 20% of early childhood educators moved on
to another industry with low enrolment caused by the pandemic. 

Our Recommendations

  1. Reinstate a living allowance to Child Care workers in prescribed remote and rural communities;
  2. Introduce a one-year early childhood education certificate as the minimum educational requirement for staff in licensed ELC programs; and,
  3. Create a bridging program to support educators currently in the field without an ELCC certificate that blends foundational skills and knowledge while considering prior work experience in the field.
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