ACC Media Release: 3/1/2024

ACC Media Release: 3/1/2024

Alberta Chambers of Commerce’s response to the 2024 Alberta Budget

EDMONTON – Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) President and CEO Shauna Feth released the following statement on Alberta Budget 2024.

"Investing in our future while maintaining spending discipline, even in years of surplus, are important priorities for Alberta’s business community. These are the paths that lead to a strong and prosperous province.

The Alberta government has presented a well-thought-out debt and savings strategy that will allow for investment in infrastructure and services that support economic growth, and a high quality of life for Albertans. It reflects a proactive approach to managing public finances and a commitment to keep our province fiscally competitive.

We commend the government for tabling another balanced budget. It’s welcome news that sets a positive tone for the year ahead and strengthens the foundation for a thriving Alberta in the years to come.”


Government of Alberta 2024-25 Budget documents HERE.


March 01, 2024


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